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hollister uk What is the history, I would ask very strange .

History is history , has passed can not be changed , but has also been advertised by most people , that is history.

The reason why there is such a question, because the accident. Yesterday and a colleague argued for an afternoon , no cause and no results. With respect to him , he believed that the official history , because he believes that the official history is a more formal integration of unofficial information , the credibility is higher. But I'd prefer to see some unofficial reason is very simple, because I do not believe people can be realistic at the time of recorded history .

In fact well understood, after all, if you are in power , hollister uk you would not choose to record these , after all this for you, not always glorious . But there are unofficial largely fictional , after all, the process of opposition Shizhuan Cheng added too much personal subjective .

It seems no matter where one respect, history is not how reliable. So, although we have argued for a long time , but in the end did not result , he does not agree with my thoughts , and I do not recognize his argument, an unspoken shake hands, after all, history is history .

Time has never been stopped , the dust of history is just gone , it will not mean anything, it can not change anything. We still have our own lives to continue , history can give us only the story of the year, nothing wrong year to remind us not to repeat the same mistake , although history is genuine , but people often do not listen to advice . ( Read the article : www.sanwen.net)

Now think hollister uk about it a little laughing , always been , how the lives of the ancients , why should we have to make irresponsible remarks , after they have passed away, whether they are happy, whether you are happy , nobody knows , do not know. After all, we do not live in that time , we have our lives, our days there , why do not we look to the future it will look .

Sometimes some of the things I think it does seem a bit ridiculous , we always seem to particularly like , no, we should say especially good those guys have been turned into dust as we flaunt their capital , it is funny is not it .

Because it all seems to say , two children fighting, a child is very hollister uk weak , lost and said , " You wait , my dad is the Secretary , I called Dad come ," as if people now generally motionless fight father , is not a truth?

An old saying: husband , with copper as a mirror, you can dress up ; take history as a mirror , one can know the rise and fall ; to people as a mirror , one can know the pros and cons .

An old saying: three rows, must be my teacher. Choosing the good from it , their bad corrections .

An old saying: erudite and Atsushi, asked and thought , benevolence which carry .

An old saying: When science and practice of , not a pleasure ? Have friends from afar ? Not resentful , does not have a gentleman ?

Our forefathers ......

Oh , my God . You can send it back to the ancients first hollister uk , then we talk.

Indeed, the wisdom of the ancients , we should not forget that when the time has been our pride , but it was only in the past , the past is over.

I do not understand , a lot of people always holding something has gone but not forgotten a long time , even to those who had lived here , over here to be proud of , just like all of our pride and pride are built on has disappeared things over .

Be careful , fragile .

So we keep the braids and those adherents of the early Qing Dynasty , what difference did the Republic , mouth shut we did , our ancestors had , like the original .

Funny too pathetic.

They only see the past, but do not forget that they are living in the past , the less likely they are about to experience the past .

No one can ever immersed in memories, and there is no one nation can never live in the past being .

Who invented the four great inventions ? Really important?

Do not get me wrong , it is true , and I am proud of my country , my nation has such a glorious past and proud. But time does not always stop at that moment , never will.

As we are still proud of the four great inventions hollister uk , someone invented the computer. As we are still proud of the four great inventions , someone created a plane ......

How long can we sleep , this dream.

Taking history as a mirror, we can rise and fall .

We have forgotten , is not accurate to say that we made ‚Äč‚Äčthese mirror masks , disguise themselves and forget reality. With this face mask every day , living in a false once among the Ah Q spirit with paralysis of their own, but they can make this dream long.

We will wake up , and always will be awake.

American history is very short , short to only the simple centuries. But we have to say is that hey never waste it for hundreds of years , they see now see the future , even though they do not have a long history , but still capable of standing at the top international level.

History is history , a story that has dissipated with the wind in every corner of the world, but we do not, we should always be faced with everything, we can not only see the past , because it had a more important future ahead of us .

Ancient glory has came to a close , we are left with admiration and longing . And we do, and what can be left to our children and grandchildren ? This time we are able to create what is it ?

When we become history , will not one day in the afternoon , because we have two young men blush and debate it?

Have you ? Be it, because the hollister uk time is not over yet .

The future is still ahead.